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    Re.write – Rewriting texts with AI – the easy way to create new content.

    Use for free


    Re.write is your personal on-call writing assistant. If you have written text material you’re looking to re-publish, Re.write will generate a new version in under 45 seconds in average.

    Whether it’s marketing texts, news articles, bios, product descriptions or short stories, our AI rewrites texts with a simple click, raising your productivity and market profile.

    Re.write AI will write your text new.

    * Please note that our tool can currently only be used with the German language. We are working at full speed to ensure that the English-speaking world will soon be able to enjoy its use as well.

    Advantages at a glance

    – Rewrite texts with a simple click
    – Boosts search engine rankings with unique text content
    – Any text can be rewritten
    – Usage for free

    How does Re.write work?

    Rapid rewriting

    At the click of a button, Re.write uses existing text to generate fresh content for your online profile.

    Easy handling

    AI writing assistance helps you quickly and easily convert an existing text into new and SEO relevant content. Just copy the desired content into Re.write, click the button and fresh material will be generated automatically.

    Quality guaranteed

    Ella is a Swiss company specializing in automatic text generation using our own developed AI software. Our customers are domestic and international companies from a wide range of industries.

    Re.write free version

    – 1 user
    – 350 words per text

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    Why use AI for copywriting?

    In order to be visible and relevant to your customers as an online news platform, a good search engine ranking is the key to success. Factors such as the number of texts, relevance as well as the quality and uniqueness of the content play an important role.

    Often, existing articles are adopted one-to-one due to time constraints. The result is that duplicate content is created and the content has little SEO relevance.

    Why Re.write?

    With the innovative tool Re.write you can – as the name suggests – rewrite any text with one click. Re.write creates new content for you automatically, which is unique and therefore SEO relevant.

    How do I test Re.write

    You currently have the opportunity to use the beta version of Re.write free of charge. You have 350 words per text at your disposal. Create your free account quickly and easily at: https://rewrite.ella-group.io/.

    In which languages can I have texts rewritten?

    So far, we can only rewrite German texts.

    What kind of texts are best suited to be rewritten?

    You’ll get the best results if your text consists purely of words, i.e. no tables, bullet points, direct speech, or headings. This ensures the best output quality.