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    We are Ella.

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    The MediaTech company from Switzerland

    Our AI Writing Tools Re.write and Re.lease makes text creation and editing easier, faster and more efficient. Helping creators in any and every sector rapidly produce relevant and reliable content.

    The Collaboration Tools, Co.script und Co.produce will soon support your creative writing. Any writer can use their fantasy, emotion, and vision as the catalyst for the production of automatically generated, but unique stories.




    Zug, Switzerland

    Founders and employees

    Michael Keusgen and more than 60 dedicated experts

    Business Idea

    Developing the world’s first AI software that generates fictional and non-fictional stories and texts.

    Ella People

    Bild von Michael Keusgen, CEO
    Michael Keusgen

    Founder of ella Media AG, Michael Keusgen is an investor and serial entrepreneur with a focus on media technology. After training as a TV producer, he studied Chinese and Geography at the University of London (SOAS). Via positions at the BBC, WTN and ABC News, Michael Keusgen returned to Germany, worked as a film and TV producer and founded several companies, including AZ Media, based in Cologne.

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    Bild von Lucia Komljen, CSO
    Lucia Komljen

    Lucia Komljen is a strategist and technology anthropologist. Her work focuses on discourses of technological modernity and Artificial Intelligence. For many years, she has grappled with the question of how to establish a strategic balance between technological innovation, growth, as well as individuals, culture, and society. To this end, her research method “A Human Core” seeks to ensure that individual lives, culture, and society profit from modern technology and are positively influenced by it. As a pioneer in this space, Lucia offers programmatic impulses for the practical application of her research, which places people and their needs at the forefront. It is guided by the notion that technological potential necessarily needs to be combined with an acute awareness for human rights and cultural dignity.
    Before joining Ella as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Lucia was Direct of Insight & Innovation Strategy in Telefonica’s global innovation department. In her quest to identify future growth opportunities through “Discovery,” she developed and led several experimental research studies geared towards examining the needs and expectations of society with regard to new technologies such as 5G, AI and VR/AR. Building on these insights, she has formulated strategies for new products and services. In doing so, Lucia has established her reputation as a thought leader on topics such as digital wellbeing, the future of media and entertainment, the evolution of fandom and fan culture, and AI as a culture creator.
    Lucia has worked as a brand and communications strategist at leading creative agencies (including Mother & BBH) and for some of the world’s biggest brands (Coca Cola, Amnesty International, Boots, o2) from as early as 2004. She has won several awards for strategic achievement. She lives and works in London.

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    Christoph Czech

    Christoph Czech began his career in 2009 as a banker, having studied business administration with a special emphasis on management and finance at the School of Management and Innovation at Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin. Since then, he has acquired crucial experience in building two foreign start-up direct banks in the German market as Manager for Operations & IT. In addition, Mr. Czech worked as a successful consultant at KPMG, where he advised several C-level executives and managed several projects in the financial sector focussing on business technology, operations and IT.

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    Prof. Dr. Erik Rodner, Beirat
    Prof. Dr. Erik Rodner
    Advisory Board

    Prof. Rodner supports companies with the One-Minus-Delta UG in the strategic planning of the implementation of machine learning methods. During research stints at the University of Jena and UC Berkeley, he published on topics such as transfer and active learning as well as on numerous applications of these methods in image processing. He then joined the ZEISS Group, where he developed digital products in the fields of medical imaging, manufacturing analysis and precision farming, among others. Prof. Rodner currently teaches at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

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    Etienne Schneider, Beirat
    Etienne Schneider
    Advisory Board

    Etienne Schneider has more than 25 years of international experience in politics and business. Before joining the government of Luxembourg, the graduate in commerce and finance was CEO of numerous large companies.
    In 2012, Etienne Schneider took over as Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade in the government of Jean-Claude Juncker. He was subsequently appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Security and Minister of Defense. In 2015, Etienne Schneider initiated the important and innovative Initiative “Luxembourg Space Ressources”, (SpaceResources.lu) , which deals with the exploration and possible exploitation of space raw materials. In 2018, he was reappointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, and also assumed the post of Minister of Health.
    After retiring from active politics, Etienne Schneider returned to the private sector in 2020 and has since been a member of several supervisory boards, including Arcelor Mittal, Besix, LuxTP and Jan de Nul.

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    Wolfgang Prinzenberg, Beirat
    Wolfgang Prinzenberg
    Advisory Board

    Wolfgang Prinzenberg has been working as a lawyer in commercial and corporate law as well as in extensive white-collar criminal cases for more than three decades.
    He is familiar with nearly all difficult issues related to the establishment and management of companies through his legal work representing managers in national and international criminal proceedings as well as assisting managing directors, board members and senior executives in ‘Internal Investigations’.
    Wolfgang Prinzenberg combines his advice to international companies on all compliance issues as a business mediator with consensual dispute resolution skills.
    Wolfgang Prinzenberg advises Ella on all compliance issues, which must maintain an ethical compass in a world that is becoming digitally independent, especially in the use of artificial intelligence.

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