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  • Hollywood vs AI

    The Hollywood strike

    The importance of responsible AI that respects copyrights

    The use of generative AI in Hollywood has become one of the significant concerns within current strikes and demands for regulations. Actors, represented by the Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG-AFTRA), fear that AI poses a threat to their creative professions and could exploit their identities and talent without consent or proper compensation. They have joined the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) in demanding explicit AI regulations to protect writers and their works.

    The concern stems from the increasing effectiveness and prevalence of AI tools that can create images and text, replicate faces and voices, and generate human-like writing. While these tools often have limitations and produce derivative or inaccurate content, entertainers and other creative professionals worry that without strict regulation, their work could be replicated and remixed by AI, reducing their control and ability to earn a living.

    Ella supports the striking actors’ and writers’ call for regulations that safeguard their interests and ensure fair compensation for their work in the face of advancing AI technologies. We believe that an open dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders is essential to responsibly realize the potential of AI.

    At Ella, human action and copyrights are prioritized. That’s why we’ve always been committed to developing responsible AI technologies that support content creators in the creative process while respecting the intellectual property of content creators.

    Our policy is and will continue to be to develop AI tools that meet the highest ethical criteria and protect the rights and interests of our users.