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  • Our opinion on the AI Act

    Responsible AI practices are essential at Ella

    The EU’s proposed AI Act reinforces our existing quality and compliance commitments.

    Policy makers are finally focusing on quality and compliance. At Ella, we have been doing this for 5 years: Our AI tools should meet the highest ethical criteria and uphold the rights and interests of our users. Therefore, we have proactively implemented robust measures in the development of our AI products. These measures include the deliberate data selection and cleansing, as well as our fact-checking and correction system.

    The proposed EU’s AI Act reinforces our existing commitments. The AI Act encourages the adoption of responsible AI practices which we have been championing from the start. We appreciate the EU’s intent to establish a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence. Because when it comes to implementing responsible AI practices, we see a need for improvement – particularly in the SME sector.

    Furthermore, we believe a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring the responsible use of AI is crucial. We recognize the need for regulatory guidelines and through them, we expect competition to be fair and innovative, based on fundamental democratic rights.

    We will be closely monitoring the development and evolution of the AI Act, ensuring that our AI tools align with the highest quality standards and comply with the regulations that will ultimately be enacted. Our goal is to anticipate and comply with future regulations.