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    Ella Explorer – AI implemented quickly and easily

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    From inspiration to production

    Welcome to Ella: Innovation is at
    the heart of everything we do.

    We don’t just specialize in helping you write blog articles, press releases, and news stories. Our vision extends far beyond that. We want to show you the limitless opportunities of generative AI and focus on increasing your efficiency with the help of artificial intelligence.

    That’s why at Ella we’re always looking for new ideas and ways to push the boundaries of generative AI writing. Our talented teams regularly come together for internal hackathons to explore innovative approaches, create prototypes, and shape the future of AI writing.

    But we don’t stop there – we’re also open for innovative inspiration from the outside. Together with you we want to develop tailor-made AI text applications that meet your unique needs. Be part of our vision and send us your request today!

    The pulse of generative AI is beating here – be ready to widen your horizons!



    With the AI tool Re.write, various content creators can rewrite any text with just one click. Whether it’s marketing texts, news articles, blog posts, product descriptions or short stories –, the AI rewrites texts at the push of a button, thereby increasing productivity and visibility in the market.

    The newly generated content is unique and thus SEO-relevant. Convince yourself by registering for free.

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    Re.lease is a AI-based text creation platform that assists in editorial work by automatically rewriting news articles.

    The AI editorial tool avoids ‘Duplicate Content’ and automatically generates SEO-relevant content.

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    What if artificial intelligence meets astrology?

    Co.planet enables target group specific horoscope generation. The automatically generated horoscope texts are of high quality, immediately available, and guarantee SEO relevance. Over 900 topics can be created.

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