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  • Interview: schweizeraktien.net with CEO Michael Keusgen

    Ella Media: Artificial intelligence as editor
    and SEO expert?

    Interview conducted by
    Sandro Pfammatter

    In an exclusive interview with our CEO Michael Keusgen, learn how Ella is positioning itself as a startup in the generative AI world and how Ella’s model solutions differ from other AI models.

    Start-up Ella Media AG, founded by investor and serial entrepreneur Michael Keusgen, has developed a hybrid model called Gaspito that combines the strengths of GPT-3 with those of Maskito, a language model developed in-house. It is a hybrid of content generator and assistance system that ensures fact fidelity, source transparency, and search engine optimization, and saves up to 50% in production costs. Through institutional investments and development projects, the company aims to fund its planned €100 million spending budget and break even by the end of the year. Ella also aims to further improve its AI products by placing more emphasis on ethics.

    The interview’s summary was generated by Re.write by Ella.

    Entire original interview available in German only.


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