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    machine learning

    Machine learning refers to a process in which computers learn on their own without being programmed to do so for each use case. These are technologies in which computer programs process a large number of examples, derive patterns and apply them to new data points. In the process, a statistical model is built from the examples to build language, for instance. Deep learning is a variant of machine learning. AI is a buzzword for Machine Learning.


    Predefined measurement value to indicate quality in relation to a specific criterion.

    model architecture

    The sequence of all procedures used to build the model. Neural networks are usually described by the number and function of their layers. A model is created from the combination of architecture and corpus.


    Morphology means the study of forms and is a branch of linguistics. It is the science of the change of word forms in a language. Words are not fixed entities and can change their form. Depending on the context, for example, write becomes writes or run becomes runs.