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    recommender systems

    A model that suggests additional items based on the user behavior of similar users. Example: ‘Users who viewed this item also viewed the following other items…’

    reinforcement learning

    Reinforcement learning (RL) is a machine learning training method based on rewarding desired behaviours and punishing undesired ones. “Reward” and “punishment” are to be understood in this context as merely numerical values which help the algorithm to find the “best” way to a solution. This approach allows an agent to learn to navigate the complex demands of the specific environment for which it was created so that over time, the agent optimises its behaviours. (more…)

    robotic journalism

    Robotic journalism is a form of journalism that uses computer-controlled programs to create journalistic content. This content can be news reports, sports scores, weather reports, financial reports, stock market reports, and other forms of journalism.