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    adversarial learning

    Besides defensive distillation, one of the techniques for defending against adversarial attacks on AI systems is adversarial learning (adversarial training). There is currently no other way to defend against such attacks with so-called “adversarial examples”. (more…)


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science. The term is used to describe the technologies used (see Machine Learning). The models generated by machine learning are not actually “intelligent”, but solve narrowly defined problems using complex statistical calculations. AI is the attempt to program machines to acquire human-like abilities.



    An annotation is a short note or comment added to a text, image or another document. In linguistics, this is mostly manual extraction of certain features of natural language in texts. Example: determining the gender of proper names by marking individual names in texts with labels such as female, diverse, neutral, etc.


    automatic text generation (Natural Language Generation)

    Automatic text generation, also known as Natural Language Generation (NLG), is a branch of artificial intelligence. It is part of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and refers to the generation of natural language text using software. Automatic text generation programs are increasingly used to create content for websites and other online applications. NLG software often uses a combination of machine learning and linguistic algorithms to generate text that follows a particular pattern or template. This requires structured data. (more…)