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    Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain users. The aim is to generate new internet users and retain existing ones by providing them with informative, useful and/or entertaining content. It is therefore, among other things, a tool for increasing traffic. Content marketing can also improve a company’s image and increase awareness of a brand, product or person. Content can be delivered in a variety of formats, such as blog articles on your own website, videos, podcasts or infographics.

    Although this marketing approach isn’t new and existed long before the dawn of the commercial internet age, it has evolved rapidly since the advent of the World Wide Web and search engine marketing. Since then, analytical tools have continued to improve, and artificial intelligence can be used to perform even more accurate data analysis. The results of the analysis can help the marketer gain a better understanding of the target audience. The results can also be used to develop a specific content strategy.

    The precise definition of target groups or personas (typical representatives of a target group), the creation of high-quality, personalised content and the targeted distribution of this content are therefore the basis of modern content marketing.





    https://de.contentbird.io/use-cases/ki-im-content-marketing (German)